Annual Reports

Our 2022-2023 fiscal year was a year of accomplishments - from increasing the number of diverse male teachers in Duval County, to recognizing the important work being done by educators and school leaders, to awarding fellowships that will transform teachers, students, and schools. In 2023, JPEF developed a new strategic framework for FY2024-2026 to guide our work in the evolving education and political landscape in Jacksonville. 


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The 2022 Annual Report reveals that while we're making gains in the post-pandemic environment, the opportunity gap for students persists. As we embarked on our strategic framework to build a diverse teacher pipeline, improve 3rd grade literacy rates, and offer impactful professional learning experiences to teachers and school leaders, Duval County schools were experiencing the worst teacher shortage in 5 years. JPEF leaned into its strength as a researcher and convener to advocate for a one mill property tax to increase teacher compensation. Voters agreed that teacher retention was a priority, with 53% approving the measure.


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The 2021 Annual Report shows that while the pandemic laid bare disparities in educational outcomes that have long persisted in our community, JPEF has stood steadfast beside our educators as they worked heroically to keep our children on track during the most difficult school year of their lives. And in the midst of this, we launched our Teacher Leadership Initiative, expanded the School Leadership Initiative, and announced two new far-reaching initiatives for 2022. 

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 The 2021 Annual Report shows how your investment in the Jacksonville Public Education Fund is having significant impact on Duval County's students.

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The 2020 Annual Report shows what a difference you've made in the lives of students by investing in the Jacksonville Public Education Fund.

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Our 2019 Annual Report & 10-Year Review shows how our focus on building the capacity of principals, teachers and parents is making an impact for children and closing the opportunity gap.

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Our 2017 Prospectus shows how investing in our work can help every child in Duval County graduate prepared for success in college or a career and in life.

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Our Impact Report and Five-Year Review captures how our high-performing, high-capacity organization continues to move public education forward with the partnership and collaboration of important stakeholders. 

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2014 yearly report


Our annual report takes an in-depth look at our work as seen through the lens of the four key levers that we believe are the keys to positive, long-term change for our city's public schools.

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2013 yearly report

In Fiscal 2012, the Jacksonville Public Education Fund celebrated a number of exciting milestones. Goals set for the ONE by ONE community mobilization campaign were surpassed, and when it came time for a leadership transition in the public school system, citizens of Duval County stood rallied and ready to take public education in this city to a new level. 

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In Fiscal 2011, the Jacksonville Public Education published its first annual report of activities, including the launch of major initiatives in data and policy research, community mobilization and advocacy.

See the below to learn more about the organization as it began to reach full capacity two years after organizing in 2009. 

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of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.